There is a place they say you can go, when you never want to forget.



You see the world, war torn and bruised, yet it can not stain you. Only the golden red sun may paint you with his hues. At times your tears, cool like serenity, fall and I drink them, wishing they would change me. Lift me up to your ethereal plane where I may befriend the stars... Continue Reading →

Angelito Enojado – Part 1

Join Simón Meléndez as he struggles with the death of his mother and an absentee father. Just when things seem to be at their lowest, Simon meets a strange woman that will change his life forever.

Love of Mine

Dearest love of mine, we are as twin stars in the sky, shining with light so pure, even the heavens bask in our radiance. All I am and ever will be, I have found within your embrace, living an eternity in every kiss and dying each time we part. Righteously so, I have come to... Continue Reading →

And Justice for All

The concept of justice under the law is one that is laid at the very foundations of every civil society existing both now and in the past. It is one of the core values that we uphold as a people and instill in the hearts and minds of every new born member of our world.... Continue Reading →

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